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Throwback Thursday: Summer Edition

aka. Things to Look Forward To!

I know I’ve said it before but I cannot wait for summer!!! AND I know I’m not the only Canadian who thinks that this winter has been extra long and treacherous. I mean, there were some really great days but when the days weren’t great, they were either bitterly freezing or snowing tons and tons. The great news is that it is starting to look and feel like spring all over Canada - and I know this because I’ve got the Facebook newsfeed to prove it (thanks everyone - I never need to check the weather anymore!). 

We are seeing lots of snow melting here in Cochrane and we even got rain! Rain is great because it’s not snow. lol. 

Here are some photos from the summer visit that Craig & I took to Cochrane two years ago. I will definitely be embracing each and every day of this summer!

Some of the things I’m looking forward to: 

  • longs walks and drives 
  • catching sunsets
  • picking & eating wild berries
  • ice cream!
  • cooling off in as many different lakes as possible
  • not having to wear a coat and boots whenever we go outside

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I just signed up to take part in a photo challenge today called 100 Happy Days! I will be posting to Instagram and I’ll share some highlights on here! If you want to check it out and post along, you should totally do it! Check it out at 100happydays.com.  

Hope everyone had a great week! XO

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Happy Birthday Lydia!!!
I hope you have an amazing day and an even better year!!! You are the best sister and best friend a girl could ask for. Love you so very much!! XXOO
- http://flipagram.com/f/V2N00WO01T

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My Blog is Two!

I just realized that March meant that I started my blog two years ago! I originally started as a way to share random things I was getting up to and other little things that I like or think of. Well I’m still doing the same thing two years later but I’m proud to say that my photog & editing skills are better now than they were two years ago (I didn’t say amazing, just better than before!!). 

Today I’m sharing 5 of my favourite blogs from my first year of blogging! If you’ve been reading for a while, you still may have missed these posts, check them out. I’ll also tell you a little back story behind why they are my fave. Before I get to the posts, I just have to say thanks so much for reading! I love to be able to share a slice of my life on here and I’m so glad that you follow along! 

This quote. I just came up with it one day and had to post it. I have to say that all the advice & motivation posts I put up on the blog really speak about me. I post those things to motivate myself but also hope that I can spread the positivity! As easy as it is to speak your mind on the internet, being honest and speaking from the heart is still hard to do. I came up with this quote one day when I realized that every time I talked about my interests, I would add a comment like, “yeah I’m a nerd” or “I know it’s weird”. That is so self destructive!!! I would rather have a hundred “weird” interests than to say I’m not interested in anything! No matter how “nerdy” or “weird” your hobbies sound, embrace them!!!

Our Three Week Summer Trip to Ontario - this was the best vacation I’ve had in years and it was definitely the spark that led us to move back to Ontario a year later! If I could re-do this post, I would’ve definitely shared wayyy more photos (after all, I took more than a thousand!).

Thanksgiving Photoset - We took these photos on this path that I always wanted to take photos on, so I was stoked when we finally did! 

Friendship - I wrote this one with National BFF Day in mind and I love this song, and I love this memory! This post means a lot to me.

Drum Circle - This was such a fun experience! I think this was my first major new experience to share on the blog. I love trying new things and I’m so glad to be able to share some of those experiences with you! It has been a big goal of mine to share as many new and interesting things as possible! This was sort of like a baby shower but with a drumming circle at it, and it was sooo much fun. I was so wary at first that I wouldn’t fit in but once we got into it, I felt like a natural. Make sure you check out the video clip at the end of the post!

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me! XO

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CAMP Part 3

One of my favourite things about the camp is the bird feed station that Craig’s grandparents have set up! A little secret about me is that I love birdwatching. Maybe you expected that, maybe you didn’t, but I tell you, I love trying to figure out the different types of birds I see! We have so many different types of wildlife in Canada, and I fully embrace it :).

I tried my best to capture some photos of the wildlife we saw while at the camp! 

Photos (from top):

  • chipmunks
  • gray jays 
  • black capped chickadee (so cute!)
  • blue jays (my fave bird!!!)
  • Crystal, Stacey, and Maggie (the girls!)

I couldn’t leave out the best dogs ever! Crystal and Stacey belong to Craig’s uncle and aunt and Maggie is his grandparents’ dog. They are all so sweet and obedient, I love these dogs! 

Thanks for checking out my camp experience!! I’ve had a really fun, experience-filled winter but I can’t lie - I am REALLLLLLYYYY looking forward to summer!! Get here soon girl! Hot sun, long days, warm nights, backyard fires, ‘smores, bug bites… I’ll take it all now, even the bites. (JK I’ll pass on the bugs!) 

Hope you all have a great weekend!! And when Monday comes, just remember, we are that much closer to spring and summer!! XO

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CAMP Part 2

On the day before we left the camp to come back to town, we tried to do as much as possible! We went for a huge snowshoe hike and then we went straight into the ice fishing after that (we didn’t even make time for lunch so we snacked on 5 cent candies and chips). The snowshoeing was tons of fun, neither of us had been for a while so it was good to get back out there on the old shoes. I think I like the old school wooden ones better than the fancy new ones! The wooden ones are awesome.

Craig fished and fished but he hardly got any bites all afternoon. Finally I saw the line moving and we pulled up that huge pike in the picture. Definitely the biggest fish I’ve seen caught in real life so far! Craig put it back in the water after I got my mandatory photos of it! :) (Speaking of those photos, isn’t it crazy how the fish looks so much bigger in Craig’s hands than it does in front of me?? So weird!)

After an afternoon of fishing, the snow started coming down hard. It was the calm and gentle snow that builds up quickly, and although its soft coming, there is tons of it. It was really pretty! We were ready for a sauna and some beer after all the winter activities so we headed back up to the camp.

It was a few of the best days had all winter and I can’t wait to get back up there again! I forgot to mention all the nature watching opportunities there!!!!  Stay tuned for my post on that tomorrow! XO 

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