Glossybox Review

I’ve been reading a lot about subscription services online. You can pretty much sign up to have any product sent to you on a monthly basis! Specifically, you can subscribe to surprise items in different categories. The first subscription service that I have tried out is Glossybox. (Before I decided which box to go with, I read some comparison blogs online, and read the FAQs on each site, there are so many different choices) You sign up for $21 a month for 5-6 samples to be sent to you. Beauty samples. On the site, you fill out a survey about yourself and check off the different types of beauty products you would be interested in. I’m pretty sure I checked almost everything off because I am open to trying new products in any category. So far I have gotten two months and I would say that I’ve gotten a good haul both times. 
When I first signed up, it was only $15/month and within a month they put the price up to $21/month. From a customer service standpoint this definitely made me a little wary about whether or not I want to continue my subscription. From a business standpoint I decided to see if it will be worth $21 and I will try it out for a while still. The way I see it, both times I have gotten items that equalled to more than $21 in each box which was also a deciding factor for continuing the subscription.
I love receiving mail so it is something to look forward to at the end of the month. So far I have received so many different things. (As you can see in the pics). Some things specifically: a full size NYX makeup palette, Venus & Olay razor & blade, Dove deodorant, Kamins moisturizer and lip gloss, Zoya nail polish…and some other stuff! You can check out their past months here. 
I’m going to write a few reviews on some of my fave stuff that I’ve received so far so stay tuned! Have you tried out any subscription services so far? What have you tried and what do you like? 
If you are interested in signing up… click here !  I can’t wait to see what I will get for November and I will make sure to post a picture of the goods!