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The Concert: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

We’ve been talking about it all week— yesterday we went to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert! After getting our thrift shop duds on and playing some pump up jams at our house we cabbed down to the Shaw Conference Centre. The doors hadn’t opened yet when we got there so there was a huge lineup. We’re talking like 7 blocks long, no joke. It was so long I thought I was dreaming. Anyways we got inside with plenty of time to spare and then made our way to the front of the crowd as close as we could to the stage.

A rapper named Shad opened for M & R. His produced stuff is pretty good but the live show wasn’t as great. Too much bass and not in a good way! 

Finally the main event started and it was awesome! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put on a super great show and it was high energy. It was really cool because Wanz and Ray Colton were there and sang their parts in Thrift Shop, and Can’t Hold Us, respectively. Owuor Arunga was their trumpet player and he went wild with it! All in all it was an amazing show and we like them all even more now! 

Have you been to any sweet concerts this summer? We would love to hear what you’ve checked out! (Post in the comments!)

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